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Find the Magic Of You

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2016 UK National Award Winning MakeUp Artist & Theatrical SFX Artist



Soul Notes

"Without   Expression   there   is  no  freedom"


the little things that make all the difference

" Yesterday I was clever

I wanted to change the world

but today I am wise

so I'm changing myself'

  - Rumi



Love more

Love unconditionally

love without warranty

or the need for receipts

“Anastasia is such a beautiful soul. She’s naturally gifted as an intuitive empath and can give you much insight and details into your situation. The best thing about her is she is so genuine and talking with her makes you feel like you have known her forever. Thank you so much Anastasia for your gift!”

Tonesha K. Sylla

“Anastasia's words and ideas will take you into a deeper level of understanding yourself and the universe. Her intuitive guidance will shift your awareness and make you feel more connected with your Higher self and Divine self. Afterwards, you will feel lighter and more grounded within your body mind and soul”

Malachi Alpheaus

‘Anastasia is amazing!  First of all, she makes you so very comfortable and then, she wows you with the information that she provides.   I'm so glad that I had a reading with her, because she touched on so many things that she had no idea about.  Her accuracy is astonishing,  but her character and demeanor is what makes hers one of the best readings I've had.  i highly recommend a reading with her.  You won't be disappointed!’’

Nicole Halsey 

“Anastasia is, without a doubt, one of the most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is here to help you to empower yourself, and when you forget who you are, she reminds you of your own Heart. She's extremely intuitive, a very gifted reader and medium, an ace psychic, and beyond that, simply brilliant. Her empath skills are top notch, and she is a shining example of integrity - someone who truly walks her talk. She is a gift to this reality, and it is an honour to get to walk this Earth with her. Thank you for you, Anastasia!”

Trisha Reed


"Go Out,

Search for others like you and when you encounter others that are different, be kind, be compassionate, be understanding and watch your connections grow from seeds into beautiful blossoming longlasting relationships"

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