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are so beautiful...what a gift Anastasia 

Jessica Huie

||Intuitive Counsellor||Twin Flame Coach||Reiki Healer|| Writer || Upcoming Author|| Sound Healer|| Spiritual Guide|| Sacred Spaces Founder

Anastasia is a Black British Writer, who started her professional career in what she would deem the natural line of work as an empath, a qualified Registered nurse.  After the birth of her first child, Anastasia decided she needed a career change in something more artistic, deciding upon freelancing as a Make Up Artist for various  high street brands, luxury brands, events and magazine photoshoots. Through her passion for artistic creativity, precision and acquired skill through studying special effects, she won a national award in 2016 for her makeup artistry in Transformative Media Makeup Special Effects.

Eventually, going onto beauty consulting and working as a Beauty Account Manager for luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. All whilst furthering her self discovery in Holistic therapies and Spirituality. 


Life experience, empathy and compassion has made Anastasia incredibly relatable. Whilst her skillset is broad in range, life's adversities including near death experiences, early childhood abuse, yearly bereavements, family transitions, career changes, PTSD, minor to chronic illness' or health conditions, have taught her many lessons. These experiences mixed with her roots of origin have grounded Anastasia in perseverance and resilience, gifting her with a wealth of tools for great leadership and heart centred approach. Practising sound

therapy and mastering the art of self expression through poetry and professionalism enabled Anastasia to go through life with great joy and a vivacious Spirit. Intuitively coaching and counselling people always came naturally, even through her own troubles. Anastasia says she's been unconsciously and consciously counselling people for as long as she can remember. Before claiming the professional titles 'coach' or 'counsellor', it had always been the natural position for Anastasia to help support, encourage, listen and empathise, without need for titles. However, stepping fully into her power has meant making her natural position as a counsellor and guide a paid profession. Dedicating the last year to become qualified as a Specialist counsellor and Meridian Psychotherapist.  Outside mainstream employment Anastasia is writing poetry and self development books. She facilitates Sacred Spaces groups virtually, advocating authenticity, self-love, empowerment and wellness. In addition to this, she has been offering intuitive readings using her spiritual gifts as an empath and healer for over a decade. Anastasia is currently living what she says have been the most freeing and liberating years of her life. She currently resides on the outskirts of London in the UK.

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