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The Empath
& Her Twin Flame

Through you, I discovered me

The Empath & Her Twin Flame is Anastasia's upcoming poetry book. This compilation of poems has been 20 years in the making. Exploring the journey of an empath navigating love balance, friendship, and purpose with the other aspect of herself, her twin, trying not to lose pieces of themselves. This book provides insight into troubleshooting life without your best friend, navigating heartbreak and its symptoms alone, creating peace with all the pieces.

- Blurb -

We all go through separation, or at least we all have at one point in our life, whether or not we like to admit it. It’s the truth. But what more painful and harder to admit ? Going through separation and feeling alone. If it wasn’t the separation from the love of my life that near enough killed me, it was the loneliness & pain of not feeling like I had a shoulder I could cry on that really cared. Someone who really understood just how severe the pains were. Oh my heart was bleeding. I’d never been so anaemic prior that ! And the frequency in chest pains and heart murmurs increased three times & now I was not only addicted to ice, I was okay coldly cutting people off “As i am in awe of life, I am in awe of him, I am in awe of me, in awe of you, you & the rest of you. . . “ What is unconditional love & why do we need or want it ? (I’ll give you a clue, its in this book) Here’s the journey of a highly sensitive female, who meets an incredibly masculine alpha male & not only finds what unconditional love is but also exactly what it feels like. What greater joy is there than this? To know yourself, to find purpose, begin your soul’s designated mission and live your best life loving yourself and everything else a little more every day. . . In this exploration of human depth & a relationship of great depth & richness, discover clues and signposts to start your own journey of fulfilment & love with the knowledge of this book. Experience love first hand through this book. At a time like now, We’ve never needed to emphasise, teach & share the principles of unconditional love & how to love others, than now. So why not be the one who changes peoples perspectives & lives with love. Attract the fulfilling relationship you want in the process Finding unconditional love for yourself through another is a gift and truly an opportunity for renewal… Through you, I am able to find a home within the universe of my human vessel and my soul...” We all go through varying degrees of separation and the most painful aspect to admit is how isolating it is, how displacing it is to think the one person who ever understood you and saw you for you, was gone. Living a life without love, is a life lived without the essence of nature’s very existences. Bodies, lost in translation hoping for a safe boat. Is it possible to love someone fully from so far away? What happens when you’re forced to separate from the one you love and how does one adjust to such a colossal change? The Empath & Her Twin Flame is an expression of emotional depth, spiritual growth, and sacred union. Orchestrating loves transformation into seamless transitions of poetry and prose. Setting the stage is the yearning heart of a highly sensitive teenager, the inner turmoil of separation and two decades worth of growing pains, with spotlights on roadblocks along the way. Experience the unmatched connectedness of two souls when two different worlds collide, one fated night. A journey filled with the intimacy and intricacies of Twin Flames' their connectedness. In between the spilled ink and wisdom, you’ll discover signposts towards unconditional love. Here, you'll see introspection, isolation and the illumination of self-expression, self-assurance, and knowledge of self at its best. Find the soul’s clues for relationship fulfilment and abundance. will always find a way.



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