Our Mission

To create, build and share Sacred Spaces of solace where healing invisible scars, whilst building communities of love are possible. 

Sacred Spaces is a place of solace where healing invisible scars, whilst building communities for love are possible. We provide a variety of healing modalities and services that give a holistic view into guiding and supporting people on their healing and spiritual journey, on any level. Here, we offer further assistance into being better equipped in handling life’s contrast, your shadows & challenges. Sacred Spaces is for souls who feel the call to visit, to seek more clarity into their journey of life, purpose, mission & future or past. It is a safe space to connect to higher frequencies and align yourself with a more conscious circle of souls who’s intentions align with your heart’s vibration.

The ambience of our rooms aim to encourage moods of tranquility and can transmute any fury into a more enlightened awareness, with forgiveness & peace. Our rooms make space to be make conscious decisions to be more open, to drop ego, shame and bitterness in order to gain more insight for soul alignment. Our aim is to create a level of ease for hard conversations, delving into avoided topics, including taboos, unhealed wounds and provide solutions to break down social or cultural barriers that block resolution and being able to move forward into a more peaceful and fulfilling reality. 


Currently, we are mostly a virtual community and it is our goal and mission to turn our spaces into physical vicinities in four corners of the world. So our communities are accessible to all the souls in need of the services, relation and communion Sacred Spaces offer. Here is where we need you to spread the word, to help us raise awareness for the holistic and spiritual need of this space in real time, with real people and real physical spaces through funding and more exposure.


"One bright light can illuminate the whole world and it starts with just one speck of light, one space at a time. So let’s be intentional about making our spaces safe and sacred."

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