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Twins Mirror Indoor Outdoor Silk Poster

Upgrade any indoor or outdoor space and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of our Twin Mirror Silk Poster. This particular piece of artwork is the cover for Anastasia's 'Twin Flame [Lined] Journal. You can place the artwork in a frame or hang it as is, outside or indoors. It is made to be water and scratch-resistant. Each poster is made with top-grade 200 gsm paper and is printed using high-quality UV inks.

The visually striking design seamlessly blends the four seasons in a continuous flow, in an abstract representation of enduring themes of love and twin connection, through its tones and its four slightly different corners. As a focal point in the center, two silhouettes represent the mirroring of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine whilst surronded by a vibrant whirlpool of colour, to emphasise the polar magnetism of yin, yang and cosmical laws of oneness. The silhouettes lovingly embrace to highlight their deep emotional connection, in the vivid formation of a heart.

Perfect for adding a touch of cosmic wonder and emotional depth to any space, this poster is a timeless piece that resonates with themes of exploration, unity, and the beauty of the universe.

.: Premium heavyweight, semi-gloss 200 gsm paper with silk finish
.: Water and scratch resistant
.: Ideal for indoors and outdoors
.: 19 sizes to choose from
.: Vertical and square options available

Twins Mirror Indoor Outdoor Silk Poster

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