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Love's Post-it® Note Pad

Introducing The Lovers Post-it Notes, the perfect blend of functionality and heartfelt sentiment. These notes are more than just stationary; they are a charming way to keep track of reminders, leave messages, or jot down thoughts, all while keeping the warmth of love in your daily tasks.

Each Post-it Note is adorned with the delightful theme of love and the personal touch that goes into every note you write. Whether you're leaving a reminder for yourself or a note for someone special, these Post-its add a personal and loving touch. Each 50-sheet bundle of sticky notes comes in seven sizes for big and small ideas. They provide ample space for writing, while still being compact enough to stick on your computer, notebook, or anywhere you need a prompt. These Post-it Notes are perfect for use in various settings, from your home office to the kitchen, classroom, or workplace. They are ideal for quick memos, labeling, organizing, bookmarking, and more. They have the 3M Post-it Note adhesive that won't peel on its own but will come off easily without leaving stains. Personalize the white uncoated paper with your original designs, and we'll print them for you. Each sticker has a branded Post-it Note backing sheet.

make a delightful gift for anyone who loves to stay organized or enjoys stationery. They're perfect for students, professionals, or anyone who appreciates a touch of love with their everyday tasks.

Let every note you write carry a message of love with The Lovers Post-it Notes, and turn ordinary reminders into something heartwarmingly extraordinary.

.: Material: 75.2 gsm white uncoated paper
.: Available in 7 different sizes
.: One printed side, one design on all sheets
.: 3M Post-it Note adhesive
.: Each note pad includes 50 sheets
.: Sustainable paper from FSC® and SFI® certified facilities
.: NB! Each pad features a slip-sheet on the top for internal sorting purposes

Love's Post-it® Note Pad

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