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Hardcover The Flower of Life [Lined] Journal

The Flower of Life lined Journal is a starting place for all writers, poets, artists and creatives to go into themselves, to explore different realities or expressions while discovering and becoming new versions of themselves. This stunning journal is an entry point to journey into the voice of your soul, it is also part one of the series. Be part of the collective that is willing to dive a little bit deeper and transform. 


We'll constantly be adding to our catalogue, be first to own this stunning collection! Stay tuned for further additions to the family! So rest assured there is a journal for everyone, child, adult and teen. Whether you're just wanting to write down and draw your thoughts or brainstorm some artistic ideas and require more inspiration, you can be sure we've got something you'll love. From hardcovers for keepsakes and paperbacks, we have a a variety to suit you.


Colour: Colour

Print length: 206 pages

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.67 x 8.5 inches

Item weight: ‎ 11.5 ounces

Language: English

Hardcover The Flower of Life [Lined] Journal

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